Landscape Lighting Design

You have created a stunningly beautiful garden, with a decorative fountain placed as the centerpiece in the middle of the colorful display of plants and flowers. A professional landscaping team came in and meticulously sculpted the front lawn to become the envy of everyone in the neighborhood. The home improvement efforts appear to have accomplished the primary goal of enhancing the value of your home, except for one important thing.

You forgot to install landscape lighting.

Installing a lighting system that highlights the best features of your lawn is a highly effective way to add attractive elements that improve your home’s curb appeal. The landscape lighting professionals at Malone Electrical Solutions can help you develop the right lighting system for your front and back lawns.

How to Get Started with a Landscape Lighting Plan

Before you devote part of your home improvement budget to landscape lighting, you should think about a few factors to maximize the benefits of shining the spotlight on your front and back lawns.

  • What areas do you want to illuminate?
  • Are there objects that should be the focal point of your landscaping design?
  • Decide on the most effective lighting techniques
  • Select the lighting fixtures and accessories that match your illumination vision
  • Determine the source of the power supply
  • Choose the right light bulbs

Your Lighting Technique Options

The number of lighting technique options can overwhelm most homeowners. Let the licensed and certified electricians discuss the benefits of using any one of the following long list of lighting techniques.

  • Accent
  • Grazing
  • Pool
  • Fountain
  • Shadowing
  • Downlighting
  • Silhouetting
  • Uplighting
  • Diffused
  • Moonlighting

It is also important to determine where you want to shine your new landscape lights. You might want to highlight the front section of your property to greet guests or narrow the illumination focus to specific small sections of your lawn that feature decorative accessories. The team of landscape lighting specialists at Malone Electrical Solutions will conduct a review of your property, before offering suggestions on where to place your landscape lights.

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