Home Lighting Design & Upgrades

Benefits of a Home Lighting Upgrade

Have you thought about ways to increase the equity in your home, without having to take out a second mortgage to achieve your financial goal? Maybe there is not enough money in the home improvement budget to install a new kitchen countertop or replace the shingles on the roof. However, there should be enough money to spend on an affordable home lighting upgrade project.

The certified electricians at Malone Electrical Solutions can make your home improvement dream come to light.

Type of Home Lighting Designs

For residential lighting design options, we like to recommend three distinct styles to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. Ambient light designs improve the overall strength of the illumination in a room. This type of lighting design works best in rooms that have a limited number of windows. Task lighting targets a specific area of a room, which works beautifully if you want to create lighting contrast in a room such as the living room or the entertainment room. Accent lighting operates on the principle of highlighting a specific object or a small number of objects. We have worked closely with homeowners to install accent lighting that targets several pieces of artwork.

Benefits of a Home Lighting Upgrade

The electrical solutions professionals at Malone consider a home lighting upgrade to be a highly effective strategy to increase the spatial appearance of any room. High quality lighting upgrades also provide functional benefits, such as generating more illumination in the kitchen, as well as upping the amount of light delivered on your home office workstation. Above all, enhancing the interior décor and the curb appeal of your home should generate a healthy boost in the value of your house.

Why Choose Malone Electrical Solutions?

With numerous options for electrical service companies in Maryland and Virginia, how do you discover the differences that define the best companies? At Malone Electrical Solutions, our main point of differentiation is the high level of service that we provide for our customers. Our technicians respond to emergencies in a prompt manner, as well as pay attention to the codes and standards that must be followed by certified electricians. We always emphasize the importance of safety for our team of electricians, as well as the customer that we serve.

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