Residents of Virginia and Maryland face a wide variety of severe weather events that can turn a tranquil day into a long, dark night. Maybe a storm blows in from the Atlantic Ocean with hurricane force winds or deeper inland, a widespread blizzard cripples the power grid in the town where you live. There is also the possibility that a municipal grid shuts down because of operational issues. Regardless of why the power goes out, you need to prepare to have a second source of power in the form of a generator that Malone Electrical Solutions installs, repairs, and maintains.

Whole House Generators

Installed on a permanent basis, whole house generators automatically kick on when a secondary source of power is needed. Unlike portable generators, you never have to go outside to start a secondary power source or run extension cords through small openings in a door or a window. Whole house generators operate off a natural gas source, which eliminates having to deal with gasoline.

When the system detects a disruption in utility power, it turns on to provide a seamless flow of electrical energy. You can even hook the system up to a smart home grid system to inform you whenever the power has shut down at home.

Portable Generators in Virginia and Maryland

Sometimes, a portable power generator is the answer to your electrical supply requirements. If you need supplementary power for an outdoor project or you want to keep the garage warm throughout winter, a portable generator fulfills the role of a secondary power source. The highly rated team of electricians at Malone Electrical Solutions will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your home to determine the best locations for adding a portable generator in Maryland and Virginia.

Malone Maintains and Repairs Generators

As a full service electrical solutions company, Malone does much more than sell and install generators. We also make sure our customers get the most out of their secondary power source by providing repair and maintenance services. We offer annual maintenance agreements for a wide variety of generator makes and models.

Our repair and maintenance support team is available 24 hours per day, seven days a week. We understand emergencies do not have time restrictions and that we must be able to respond to customer calls throughout the day and night. The Malone team of licensed and certified electricians emphasizes safety, as well as delivering value for our customers.

Malone Electrical Solutions is a Proud Dealer for Generac.

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