Electrical Car Chargers

Charging Stations

What was once considered a trend has morphed into a cornerstone of our lives. Electric cars or hybrids that generate at least some of their power from electricity have taken the automotive industry by storm. The question no longer is should you invest in a vehicle that generates electrical power. Instead, the question should be how should you juice up your hybrid or electric car.

Charging stations strategically placed along major roads and highways provide the electrical power drivers need to navigate long distances inside their hybrid or electric vehicles. With more affordable electric cars like the Tesla Model 3 available for motorists, you have the option to drive an electric vehicle that can travel more than 200 miles, without you needing to stop at a station for recharging your automobile.

Now, home charging stations have become part of the operating equation for electric auto owners. Investing in one is not a luxury, but a necessary expense that pays off in the long run.

Factors to Consider for Buying an Electric Car Charger

Knowing how to purchase a customized electrical car charger depends on several factors. The licensed and certified professionals at Malone Electrical Solutions will ask you a number of questions to determine which charger in the vast inventory of electrical chargers that we carry matches your driving needs.

The most important factor concerns your driving routine. You have to consider how far you travel every day, as well as factor in the driving conditions of your daily route. Like gasoline-powered cars, electric vehicles need to generate more power for handling undulating terrain, as well as climbing steep hills and mountains. Another factor to consider is knowing how many charging stations operate on your daily driving route. Moreover, how much value will an electrical charger add to the resale price of your home?

Electrical Car Charger Repair and Maintenance Experts

There are three levels of electrical car chargers, with levels one and two the types of chargers used by non-commercial licensed drivers. The highly rated team of electricians at Malone Electrical Solutions knows you have many options when it comes to purchasing an electrical car charger. We offer the highest quality of customer service to make your decision an easy one.

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